Anti Shake DSP
The Anti Shake DSP* is tucked away in the slim designer housing of the EX-Z600, which reduces the danger of blurred photos if the camera is not held steadily or the motifs are moving. The Auto Macro function and the Quick Shutter take care in the meantime that your photos are correctly focussed.
* electronic image stabilizer

Now in Special: All about Anti Shake DSP, Quick Shutter and Auto Macro function - the invisible stand of your EX-Z600.

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Trapezoid Compensation
If a subject cannot be photographed on an even level, the result is often uneven and distorted pictures. Trapezoid Compensation recalculates the picture coordination after the shot has been taken and evens the trapezoid form out in a simple function.
Color Restoration
Old photos suffer when subjected to excessively high temperatures, air humidity and ultraviolet rays. By photographing the pictures using the Color Restoration function, yellowed or faded colours are analysed and automatically optimized, reviving your memories with a new sense of colour.
USB Direct Print / PictBridge
No computer needed: you can connect the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z600 directly to various printers and have your pictures in your hand shortly afterwards printed on photo paper. USB Direct Print ist the standard EPSON printer. PictBridge connects your camera to different manufacturers' printers. Preset paper sizes help to select the right format.

You will find detailed information on Direct Printing now in the Special.
Date Edit function
Does the wrong date appear, because you have changed the settings without realizing it? Or was the time on the clock not adapted to the local time when travelling? The date editor function has the perfect solution to precisely these problems. The date and time can be corrected easily after the photo has been taken.
BEST SHOT - pre-recorded scenes
You don't have to be an expert to take wonderful pictures: To ensure that all your pictures are an automatic success, the EX-Z600 has over 32 flexible pre-setting options for a wide range of situations, which you can access at any time with one touch of the BEST SHOT button. In addition, subject programs can be easily created, saved and called up using the BEST SHOT function.

BEST SHOT at a glance
Revive Shot
New from old: If you photograph the contents of your old photograph album with the Revive Shot function, yellowed and pale colours are automatically refreshed and the photos are revived for a new and long life in digital form.

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New EXILIM Engine
Saves space and ensures fantastic shots: The new EXILIM Engine. It incorporates several components in a tiny space, works extremely quickly and saves energy. Thus it offers high resolution photos, high quality movies and a large number of functions in one housing that fits neatly in any pocket.

10 years of CASIO digital cameras - experience their progress in the big anniversary special.
Cutting: With trimming you can define sections of a photo while they are still in the camera and save them as separate shots. And so, for example, you can just cut a person's face and print it out as a photo - even without a computer.
Movie enlargement playback
Big screen: Films you have recorded can be enlarged up to 4.5 x - without losing any of the details.
Calendar function
Diary: The calendar function offers a new way to store your photos. For each day that you have taken a picture, a photo is displayed as an example. In this way you can find pictures more easily or you can make a photo diary. At a glance you can see parts of what you experienced on vacation on that particular day.
Button Customizer
As you like: Use the Button Customizer to assign one of five functions to the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z600 cursor keys. Then you will have quick access to EV displacement, white balance, ISO setting, metering and self-timer.
Photo Stand function
Digital picture frame: If you wish you can run your saved pictures across the screen like a slide show.
USB docking station
Two points meet: The USB docking station is a flexible solution for a range of functions - such as the USB 2.0 connection to a computer, photo printer or battery charge. Thanks to the AV-connection, you can connect your EX-Z600 simply and easily to a television set and present both photos and movies in large format on the screen.
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