Highspeed image series function
As standard: If you hold down the release button, the EX-Z600 takes a picture every 0.8 seconds*. The number of photos is limited only by the size of the storage card.
*Quality: Normal, resolution: 2.816 x 2.112 pixels, flash off.
DIRECT ON function
Instant: Whilst other cameras are still moving the lens out, you will take the best photos and make the best films by far thanks to the DIRECT ON function. Your camera is ready to take photos at the press of a button - in only approx. 0.9 s*.

*Flash off, internal memory
Shutter release delay
Anyone who is spontaneous does not like waiting. And it is not necessary either, because, with the EX-Z600 there are only approx. 0.005 seconds between the completion of focussing and releasing the shutter*. In this way, it ensures the best results even if the motifs are fast-moving.

*Flash off
Rapid Flash
Do you want to take a photo in the dark and are unable to judge the right moment correctly? With the Rapid Flash function, three photos are taken with flash in the space of just one second, ensuring that you no longer miss those wonderful moments.
Quick Shutter

too late   okay
With moving subjects an autofocus must keep resetting itself - and this wastes time. The quick shutter turns the autofocus off when the shutter is immediately pushed down fully. The time between pressing the shutter and shooting starting is now only 0.005 seconds.*

Now in Special: All about Anti Shake DSP, Quick Shutter and Auto Macro function - the invisible stand of your EX-Z600.

*Flash off
Highspeed Image Scrolling function
Are you looking for something? With the Highspeed Image Scrolling function you can scroll through ten shots a second and thus find the right one quickly.
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