3x optical zoom
Very close up: The quality lens of the EX-Z600 makes the 3x optical zoom possible. You simply get closer to the motif with the practical zoom rocker switch.

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9-Point Multi AF function
Entirely automatic: If you take photos using the multi-focus, the camera measures the distance from the motif with the 9-Point Multi AF function at nine different points and sets the right focusing range. In addition, all the measured areas are displayed simultaneously which were the object of the focussing procedure. This means that every picture is extremely crisply focused.
Auto Macro function
Get closer! The Auto Macro function ensures sharpness in details or smaller settings. The EX-Z600 has focussing ranges of between 15 and 50 cm in macro range, i.e. close range.

Now in Special: All about Anti Shake DSP, Quick Shutter and Auto Macro function - the invisible stand of your EX-Z600.

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Memory card slot for SD and MMC memory cards
As you like: The EX-Z600 can save your photos and movies either on MMC memory cards or on SD cards. You can decide as and when you want to which of these optionally available cards you use.

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Photos become film scenes: The camera arranges selected individual pictures into attractive, print-ready collages.

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AF-Assist light
Sharp photos despite darkness: AF-Assist light supports the autofocus system of your EX-Z600 if it is dark.
Exposure warning
It is not always possible to assess a fault in lighting before taking the picture. When the release button is pressed down half way, the exposure warning is activated and draws your attention automatically to under or over lighting.
Flash Assist function
Problem detected: With flash shots the background often remains dark. The subject is only slightly lit. The solution: Flash Assist. With this function the subject can, in many cases, still be corrected automatically.
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