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The AE Lock feature lets you lock auto exposure at a particular setting. This feature is separate from the AE lock that is achieved by pressing the shutter button half way in any exposure mode besides the M-mode (manual exposure). You can use AE Lock in the following instances.
•  To set up exposure on a subject that is different from the subject selected by Auto Focus.
•  To setup exposure prior to using the flash for recording.


In a REC mode, point the camera at the subject on which you want exposure to be performed.
Press [AE-L].
•  This fixes the exposure settings (aperture and shutter speed), and displays "AE-L" on the monitor screen.
•  The AE Lock is released by pressing [AE-L] again or by changing to another mode.
Record the image.
•  AE Lock is released automatically when the image is recorded.
•  If AE Lock is already in effect, you can re-execute it by pressing [AE-L] once to release AE Lock, and then pressing [AE-L] again to perform a new AE Lock operation.
•  Continuous shutter recording is always performed with AE Lock.
•  AE Lock can be used before starting movie recording or while movie recording is in progress.
•  Proper Auto Focus may not be possible if you try to use AE Lock to record an image in which there is a very large variation in brightness.
•  You can also perform AE Lock by holding down [AE-L], instead of performing the procedure described above.
EXILIM models with the auto exposure lock: EX-P505, EX-P700 and EX-P600

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