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Editing a Movie:
Use the procedure in this section to edit and delete movies. Editing operations let you cut everything before or after a specific frame, or to cut everything between two frames.
To cut everything before or after a specific frame.


While the movie you are editing is playing, press [SET].
• This will pause movie playback.
Press .
• You can also display the same screen while in the PLAY mode, by pressing [MENU], selecting the "PLAY" tab, selecting "Movie Editing", and then pressing .
Use and to select the operation you want to perform.
Display the frame where you want the cut to be located.
• The red portion of the indicator bar shows what part will be cut.
When the frame you want is displayed, press .
Use and to select "Yes", and then press [SET].
• The message "Busy.... Please wait..." will remain on the display as the cut operation is performed. Cutting is complete when the message disappears.
• Select "No" to exit the cut mode.
•  Cut operations cannot be undone. Make sure you really want to cut the part of the movie you are specifying before executing the cut operation.
•  Movie editing is not possible for movies not recorded with this camera.
•  A movie that is shorter than five seconds cannot be edited.
•  The cut operation can take considerable time if the movie is long.
•  You will not be able to perform the cut operation if the amount of memory available is less than the size of the movie file you are cutting. If this happens, delete any files you no longer need to free up more memory.
•  Splicing of two different movies into a single movie or cutting one movie into multiple parts are not supported by camera operations. However, you can splice movies and cut movies into multiple parts on your computer using the bundled Ulead Movie Wizard SE VCD application.

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