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Here you'll find out how to delete audio recordings and replace them with new ones. Based on Re-recording, which is also explained in the EXILIM Tips & Tricks.


In the PLAY mode, use and to scroll through snapshots until the one whose audio you want to re-record is displayed.
Select the "PLAY" tab, select "Dubbing", and then press .
Use and to select "Delete", and then press [SET].
Press the shutter button to start audio recording.
Recording stops after about 30 seconds or when you press the shutter button.
• This deletes the previous recording and replaces it with a new one.
•   Keep the microphone on the front of the camera pointed at the subject.
•   Take care that you do not block the microphone with your fingers.
•   Good recording results are not possible when the camera is too far from the subject.
•   Operating camera buttons during recording can cause button noise to be included in the audio.
•   The -Icon icon appears on the monitor screen after audio recording is complete.
•   You will not be able to record audio when remaining memory capacity is low.
•   The following types of audio recording are not supported.

•  Adding audio to a movie image

•  Adding audio to a protected snapshot
•   Audio that is re-recorded or deleted cannot be recovered. Make sure you no longer need audio before re-recording or deleting it.

EXILIM models with audio recording: EX-P505, EX-P700, EX-P600, EX-Z55, EX-Z50, EX-Z40,
EX-Z30, EX-Z4, EX-Z3, EX-S100 and EX-S500

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